GUTS Day is back!

17 May 2016: a taster day for vocational students interested in veterinary or animal-related careers

Liverpool Vet School offers a hands-on learning experience exploring the alimentary canal and its function - booking essential

GUTS Day is a one-day event focused on structure and function of the alimentary canal of various species.  It’s smelly and not for the squeamish!  Looking at dissected specimens is not a requirement for Animal Management and equivalent courses, but it is an essential aspect of veterinary education.  GUTS Day is designed as a taster with vocational students in mind - particularly those considering a veterinary or animal-related career.  It should appeal to learners with an interest in zoology, anatomy and physiology.  Dr Kieron Salmon, Director of Veterinary Education at Liverpool has developed the programme, combining an interactive lecture about structure and function with investigating pre-dissected guts from a variety of species. 


You will complete a workbook as you progress through the practical session.  Protective clothing (lab coats, aprons and gloves) will be provided but you should wear enclosed, waterproof shoes or boots and be prepared to remove any hand jewellery.


For enquiries, please contact Margaret Hannigan at

Bookings will be taken via a different email address -


In the meantime, you may wish to consider:

  • Transport- parking at the university is always problematic. We can usually make arrangements to receive a minibus (with sufficient notice).

  • Some of those attending love the day – others find the practical session miserable!

  • One of our aims is to let learners gain an insight into how teaching and learning methods change with progression to higher education