Work Experience

At the 2012 VETNET LLN National Conference, a student requested that information on Work Experience be added to the website.  One of the teachers at the session said a, “How not to get sacked from work experience” section would be useful!   We’ve made a start but recognise that the audience is broad and requirements differ.  For instance:

  • some students will have the support of their school or college whilst others may have to seek out their own placement(s)
  • the type of placement activity that’s ideal for a level 3 Animal Management student isn’t the same as what is required for a Foundation degree in Vet Nursing, and so on.

So, read selectively - let us know about useful additions we might make.  We’d really welcome good placement case studies!  Your good ideas and experiences may help others to find great placements and make the best of the time spent there.