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Alisha Lamb

Alisha Lamb

Stud Farm Owner. Foundation degree in Equine Studies, Warwickshire College.

Alisha is self-employed working on her family run stud farm.


Alisha left school at 16 with no formal qualifications due to closure of her local school. Currently with about 30 horses and foals, Alisha`s responsibilties lie with the day to day running of the stud farm and include mucking out, feeding and watering, exercising, stud work, teaching riding, assisting vets, competitions, and anything else what so ever to do with the horses. During the spring this can mean that Alisha is often up through the night sitting with the mares through foaling and then carrying out her normal schedule through the day. Because of this, she has never been able to allocate time to gain any academic qualifications since leaving school.


Having found out about the Warwickshire College Equine Studies Foundation Degree from a vet, Alisha enrolled on the course last September and has not looked back since. Whilst Alisha has been brought up with horses and worked with horses all her life, she has found that the foundation degree formalises, compliments and enhances the equine knowledge that she already had.


Alisha makes no issues about the fact that that if it was not for the way the Equine Studies Foundation Degree is organised with distance learning there is absolutely no way she would be able to undertake a course of higher education. With the horses being her number one priority, Alisha simply does not have time to attend a college or University at this moment in time. The whole appeal of this course for Alisha is the fact that even with her busy work schedule she can still participate. Alisha enjoys the academic challenges that the foundation degree offers her. She enjoys the change of being involved in study but most of all she enjoys the course because it is something she knows, does and loves.


On completion, Alisha intends to top up her foundation degree to a full honours degree. As a long term ambition Alisha wishes to progress to study law. With no previous qualifications, Alisha was previously faced with undertaking an access course to enter a law degree, however she viewed this as totally irrelevent to her present or future occupation and was unable to allocate the time at present to complete an access course. The foundation degree has provided Alisha with the access to higher education whilst being relevant to her current occupation and allowing her to continue working. In her own words Alisha saw this as the enyoyable route to higher education.


Alisha`s social life revolves around the events associated with the equine industry such a shows and competitions. Alisha slots in her studying and preparation of assignments as and when possible around her work load and finds that her background knowledge and experience with horses means that she is able to keep up with the pace and schedule of learning.


Alisha says that the equine studies foundation degree provides a real in depth knowledge of horses that could only be beneficial to any employer.


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